cropped-mg_0003.jpgMy name is Henry Kazula, a founder and CEO of Jielimishe Kwanza! Social Enterprise. Inspiring others to turn around their attitudes for the betterment of life is my aspiration. Through writing at Jielimishe Kwanza! blog and in a new bestselling Swahili book “MTAZAMO WAKO NI UPI? Mtazamo Wako, Maisha Yako”in English translation; “WHAT’S YOUR ATTITUDE? Your Attitude determines your altitude in life” and speaking to public events, I found myself as happier than someone ever imagine.I like being such kind of person who helps others to get what they want first before I got that of mine; it is a simple philosophy I have adopted from Zig Ziglar, a writer, an entrepreneur and a public speaker.

You can also find me on Jielimishe Kwanza! Blog and watch a live interview here as I share my experience in inspiring change of attitude.

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